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Maritime Bread Co.

A Loaf of Bread by MBC

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Maritime Bread Company, a micro bakery in East Nashville makes bread without shortcuts. Simply called "A Loaf of Bread", this is Baker Kathleen Turchi's signature loaf, showcasing the power of custom-milled, organic flour and fermentation.

Kathleen uses a slow fermentation method, leaved with wild yeasts and each loaf takes over three days to mark. Natural leven, or "sourdough" yields a hardy loaf with complex flavor, a chewy crust, and a medium crumb. Perfect for your daily toast, on its own with salted butter, or dipped into fall stews. 

Tip: If you can't finish your loaf within a couple of days, slice the remainder and freeze in a freezer bag. Remove individual slices and pop in your toaster for the perfect toast.

Two pounds.


About the Maker

Baker Kathleen Turchi is the master behind the artisan breads produced by Maritime Bread Company. This zero-waste micro bakery specializes in ancient fermentation methods, brewing breads with the highest quality whole grains. Red Thread Farm is thrilled to offer Kathleen's creations to our Franklin friends and neighbors. Learn more at or @maritimebreadco.

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