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Wise Butter

Hand Blended Butters by Wise Butter

Hand Blended Butters by Wise Butter

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Wise butters are the creation of fellow native Tennessean, Wendy French Barrett. Wendy's butter allows you to have a spiritual experience with toast. Or it can make that sad little recipe you're working with sing. The flavors we sell change with the seasons and Wendy has worked to highlight local produce and other regional specialties. Wise butter flavors span the spectrum from familiar to unexpected and we think that both a gourmand and a 5-year-old could easily be pleased with something Wise Butter has to offer. Don't deny what you know to be true: everything's better with butter!

4 oz tubs can be refrigerated for about a month or frozen for up to six months. Wise butter makes a thoughtful gift when paired with a loaf of Prevail Bakehouse sourdough.


Wendy French Barrett grew up on her mama’s kitchen stool begging to get her hands dirty in the tiny West Tennessee town of Parsons. Wendy's love of food remained eminent throughout her life and it was clear that nine hours a day in a windowless corporate office wouldn't do for her. She was happiest when she was reading cookbooks like novels and embarking on hours-long cooking projects. She talked about Christopher Kimball like he was family and writing menus became as enjoyable as composing morose poetry was in her youth. Thus, in 2010, Wise Butter was born.

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