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Switter's Iced Coffee

Switter's Iced Coffee

Switter's Iced Coffee

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Switter's is Nashville's first and only iced coffee microbrewery. They do one thing and they do it well: creating great iced coffee! Brewing coffee hot allows you to extract more of those unique flavors and aromas the coffee bean has to offer. So Switter's combines that hot brew method with a flash chill process creating a cup that includes all the nuanced flavors and aromas from a hot coffee into an iced coffee. No, it is not like a cup of coffee you brew hot and put in the fridge to cool off. Just try it!

All Switter's iced coffees have zero sugar, no dairy, and no additives. 

12 ounce can


Middle Ground

Switter's Middle Ground iced coffee combines beans sourced from Brazil, Mexico, and Guatemala. It takes the best qualities from each region to create the perfect balance in each sip– a delicious blend of natural sweetness like maple syrup, the intrigue of tartness similar to a blackberry, and the cozy nutty warmth of toasted almonds. The Middle Ground is a medium-body iced coffee with a bright acidity to make it the crowd-pleaser, the go-to for everyone who seeks a little balance in their cup.


Dark Roast

With flavor as bold as you could dream, this isn't just coffee; it's a full-body experience. Imagine those moments when you need a boost of energy – this dark roast is like your trusty sidekick, ready to swoop in and save the day. And this isn't just your average cup of joe. It's your secret weapon for crafting the most unforgettable coffee cocktails and dreamy coffee based recipes that'll wow your taste buds. With chocolate notes that are as comforting as your favorite dessert, you're in for a treat that's equal parts indulgent and invigorating.




Switter's is Nashville's first and only iced coffee microbrewery. While traveling across Southeast Asia, Kyle and Sheri Young came across incredibly flavorful iced coffee entirely different from what they had back in the states. This became an obsession and iced coffee love affair that sparked years of research, planning, developing, and experimenting. Sheri and Kyle started Switter's in 2014.

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