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Sequatchie Cove Farm

"Walden" Soft Ripened Cheese by Sequatchie Cove

"Walden" Soft Ripened Cheese by Sequatchie Cove

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This handcrafted cheese is named for the southeast wall of the Sequatchie Valley, Walden’s Ridge. Walden is an approachable and pasteurized alternative to a soft-ripened Reblochon style cheese. Wheels have a thin, delicate rind and gorgeous silky-velvety texture. It features tasting notes of buttered mushrooms and walnuts on the palette with a velvety texture. Walden pairs well with lighter bodied fruity reds, crisp white wines, dry or semi-sweet hard ciders, floral honey, smoked salmon, and rustic crusty breads. (You'll LOVE it with a Broken Bread country loaf!) Made with pasteurized cow's milk and traditional rennet and aged for 30 days. 7 ounces


Nestled in a cove on the floor of the picturesque Sequatchie Valley, Sequatchie Cove Creamery produces farmstead cheese using time-honored European traditions with a distinctly Southern flair. Their award-winning cheeses are made using the milk from cows who spend every waking moment on grass, letting the expression of the land shine through in its flavors. Fresh forage, sunlight, Tennessee mountain air, a good bit of science, and a dash of artistry are they tools they rely on daily.

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