16 Ways to Use Microgreens

16 Ways to Use Microgreens

"How do I use microgreens?"

​It's a question we hear a lot. Microgreens are not readily found in the grocery store, so many people aren't familiar with them. Microgreens are the shoots of vegetables and edible herbs picked just after the first leaves have developed. These miniature veggies are a versatile, flavorful, fun way to incorporate healthy options into your diet. And, wow, are they nutritious! Various studies have shown microgreens to contain nine to 40 times more nutrients than their full size counterparts. So let's talk about how to eat them.

Here are 16 ideas to get you started.

  1. By the handful! In the car, on a train, on the sofa, boarding a plane – microgreens are a perfect, healthy snack on the go.
  2. On a burger. Keep the lettuce for a salad and replace it with a big handful of flavorful, crunchy microgreens.
  3. Atop a deviled egg. Add a little color to your hors d'oeuvres. (Candied bacon is good too!)
  4. Upgrade your takeout. Make prepared foods special by adding microgreens. We especially like pea shoots on Asian food.
  5. Spice up an omelette. Take your breakfast to new heights by adding microgreens to your mushroom and goat cheese omelette.
  6. Top your crostini. Toast up some thinly sliced ciabatta and layer on hummus, black olives, lemon zest, and microgreens for a delightful snack.
  7. Reinvent pizza. Whether fresh from your oven or delivered to your door, pizza is leveled up with the addition of micros. (We like arugula or basil.)
  8. Shake ‘em up. Pump up the nutritional value of your favorite smoothie with a handful of microgreens.
  9. Roll with it. Add micros to wraps and spring rolls for a burst of flavor and nutrients.
  10. In a stir fry. Larger microgreens like pea and radish shoots hold up well to light cooking.
  11. Tune up tuna. Tuna sandwiches never tasted better than with a big pile of radish shoots on top.
  12. Mix up your salads. Endless taste combinations can be made by adding microgreens to your usual dinner salad.
  13. Make a salad. You don’t need lettuce for a salad when you have microgreens. Our favorite is sunflower shoots with blue cheese, toasted pistachios, and rose’ vinaigrette.
  14. Garnish anything. We’re a proponent of using micros for more than just a garnish, but they sure do make dishes prettier.
  15. In a taco. Soft shell, hard shell, flour or corn – microgreens take tacos to new heights. Delicioso!
  16. With breakfast. Yep, that's right. We love microgreens sprinkled over top of a hearty Sunday breakfast of scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and crispy bacon. Mmm!
The versatility of these little greens is limited only by your imagination. However you choose to eat microgreens, just be sure to wash them as you would any fresh produce. What's your favorite way to eat microgreens? Tag @RedThreadFarm and share your creations.
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