Healthy. Local. Convenient.

We make getting local food easy with online ordering and a convenient farm store.

Food with Integrity

Local food is an ethical, clean-concious alternative to dubious and anonymous produce at the supermarket.

  • Cindy L., Franklin

    "There is something so special about picking up produce that has just been harvested. I love supporting this farm because they truly care."

  • Kim B., Westhaven

    "Love every single thing we’ve ordered!!! And the people too!"

  • Judith W., Westhaven

    "Your produce is so much fresher, tastier, and cleaner than what one finds in a grocery store. I highly recommend Red Thread Farm products."

  • Sherrie D., West Franklin

    "These eggs are the real thing and have spoiled me for all others. I am always delighted by opening the carton and seeing the charming variety of sizes and colors. I give them as gifts!"

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