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We make getting local food easy with online ordering and a choice of farm pickup or local delivery.

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Food with Integrity

Local food is an ethical, clean-concious alternative to dubious and anonymous produce at the supermarket.

  • Cindy L., Franklin

    "There is something so special about picking up produce that has just been harvested. I love supporting this farm because they truly care."

  • Kim B., Westhaven

    "Love every single thing we’ve ordered!!! And the people too!"

  • Judith W., Westhaven

    "Your produce is so much fresher, tastier, and cleaner than what one finds in a grocery store. I highly recommend Red Thread Farm products."

  • Sherrie D., West Franklin

    "These eggs are the real thing and have spoiled me for all others. I am always delighted by opening the carton and seeing the charming variety of sizes and colors. I give them as gifts!"

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Honey is back!

Our honeybees get all the credit for this delicious wildflower honey produced right here on the farm. This liquid gold is hand harvested by our family, lightly filtered, and bottled in an adorable squeeze top bottle. Our honey is the perfect gift!

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