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Prevail Bakehouse

"Schoolhouse" Pan Loaf Sourdough (Sliced)

"Schoolhouse" Pan Loaf Sourdough (Sliced)

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This Pain au Lait (French for milk bread) is the perfect sourdough sandwich bread! The butter and buttermilk give this bread a pleasant tang and a softer interior. Really great for sandwiches of all kinds, but especially grilled cheese, BLTs, and french toast. The Schoolhouse Loaf comes pre-sliced, making lunch packing a breeze!

Ingredients: Organic T85 flour, organic whole wheat bread flour, water, sea salt, buttermilk powder, butter, cultured wheat flour


About the Maker

Prevail Bakehouse is a micro bakery located just down the road in the wooded hills of Santa Fe. Entrepreneur and baker, Erik Burstiner, started Prevail Bakehouse in 2018 in an effort to bring old traditions with modern twists to a community seeking good, real food.⁣ Erik's rich background includes a bachelor's degree in baking and pastry arts from Johnson and Wales University and working up the ranks to head baker at Thomas Keller's famed Bouchon Bakery. Prevail Bakehouse uses only organic, stone milled grains. Doughs are mixed gently and fermented slowly to achieve deep flavors, great shelf-life, but most importantly, better nutrition. Every loaf is shaped by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven.⁣

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