We're Closing (Just for June)

We're Closing (Just for June)

When I left the corporate world and put on my farm boots full time, a big motivation behind that crazy career choice was spending more time with my family. If I'm being honest, I've only been partially successful at keeping the commitment. As anyone who's owned a farm - or a small business of any sort - can attest, there's always more work to do than will ever be completed and long hours are just part of the deal. As the kids grow ever closer to becoming fledglings, it feels like time is slipping away. So we're shifting priorities a bit in 2024 to allow more time for family adventures.

Which brings me to our plan for the summer season.

Red Thread Farm will be closed for a few weeks starting June 2nd. Our intention is to reopen the week of July 8th with an exciting summer bounty. June is always a bit of an odd month for the farm anyway. The tail end of spring is usually too hot for cool season greens and roots, yet too early for the fruits of summer like tomatoes, squash, and beans. Because all the local farmer's markets are up and running in June, we know that our customers will continue to have access to healthy, local food while we're away, which leaves me feeling a little less guilty.

Don't forget to stock up for the month of June.

We will continue to have weekly preorders through May. The farm store will be continue to be open Wednesday through Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm through June 1st. We anticipate a high demand for meat and chicken prior to our break and encourage you to preorder as inventory is available over the next three weeks. (Note that we are expecting to be restocked on grassfed beef and pastured chicken by the last week of May.)

You can even stretch the perishable stuff a bit too. If you've accidentally overlooked a bag of our salad mix in your produce drawer, you've likely discovered just how long RTF produce stays fresh. As a rule of thumb, our produce is guaranteed to remain fresh for at least one week. Lettuces, greens, and root crops often keep two or more weeks if properly stored. 

Just like the Terminator, we'll be back. Promise.

It's hard to express just how honored and humbled we are that so many people value the work we do here at Red Thread Farm. Thanks in advance for your patience while we take some time for family in June. We have lots of tasty things on our planting schedule for summer and the fall season will be just as epic as last year. Keep coming back and we'll keep growing for you!

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